As first post on my personal page I want to share the custom wiring I made for the Stratocaster I built a few months ago. It requires three push/pull or push/push pots, I used audio tapered 250K push/pushs from Allparts, and three capacitors, mine are .047μF random ceramics. The diagram isn’t fancy as others found online but I hope it’s clear.

With all pots down it works like a standard strat except for the tones: here the central pot is for middle, while the third is for bridge, I think it’s more useful. Let’s see what single pots do: volume pot up becomes a master tone; middle tone up changes middle pickup phase; bridge tone up puts middle pickup in series to bridge (positions 1,2) and neck (positions 4,5), position 3 became mute. I unsuccessfully tried to find a series/parallel wiring which woudn’t change 5-way switch normal functionality except for position 2 and 4, it’s “common opinion” that it is not possible without using the Superswitch or additional switches.

Strat Wiring

You will get pretty cool tones playing with knobs, I really like stronger in-phase series tones (especially with middle tone down) and the funky out-of-phase (best in series, parallel out-of-phase is quite weak).

Please contact me if you have any suggestion or idea, I will be glad to respond.